Custom PC Packages

Tier 1 – Consultation
Tech savvy, and you want to build it yourself but don’t know where to begin? Give us your criteria and desired specifications, we send you a shopping list with purchase links and a few steps by step guides. If it doesn’t turn on once you’ve built it, your payment is credited towards a Tier 3 service.

Tier 2 – Assembly
You pick and purchase your parts, bring us a pile of boxes, walk out with your new custom PC! No deposit required, just schedule a dropoff!

Tier 3 – Consultation + Assembly
You tell us what your requirements are, we send you a parts list, you bring us a pile of boxes and walk out with your new custom PC!

Tier 4 – Just Make it Amazing
You tell us what criteria and priorities are, and we handle the rest.

Prices quoted are labor only. Speed focused machines (for Photo editing, business operations, music editing) generally run around $700-1300 in parts, depending on how fast you want it, and options like air vs water cooling, a case with increased airflow or controllable accent lighting. When there are more intense graphic needs like (Video editing, and Gaming), assume it’ll be more.

Custom PC Assembly Quote