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Part of the HCR model is training the next generation of Worcester’s computer technicians and we would love to provide an educational environment for you to learn how to refurbish computers.

We’ve found that while many people are interested in computer repairs, most have limited experience – having worked only with their own machines or one or two similar models in a school setting. So, we make sure to train people on All-In-Ones, Desktops, old and newer Laptops and once they’re comfortable, some Apple machines.

Many of our donations and machines for recycling areas specifically diverted to our interns for practice, so we have a wide variety of machines that it’s ok if you break when learning on because we paid nothing for them.

Our internships are not paid, but once you know how to repair computers you are our first consideration for technician positions.

Our curriculum is designed to give you a framework for refurbishing laptops – a useful skillset, which can hopefully be applied to other careers and will almost certainly help you decide if this is the industry you want to pursue.

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