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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of our most frequently asked questions, if you have a question that is not listed below please initiate a conversation with is via the chat box below and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Repair Warranty

  • 90 Day Labor warranty on all repairs
  • 14 day Replacement warranty on all parts we provide


  • We ask that all repairs are picked up within two weeks of repair completion. After that, there may be a storage fee, after 6 weeks we recycle the machine


  • Preowned Laptops have a 90 day warranty
  • Refurbished business class laptops come with a 120 day warranty
  • Budget Laptops are as-is with a 7 day exchange policy


  • We do not offer returns, we do not have a buyers remorse policy, no refunds at any time for any reason under any circumstances
Can you teach me how to _______?2022-07-12T16:12:37+00:00

No, we do not offer any form of tutoring or classes at the moment.

Do you rent computers?2022-07-12T16:12:06+00:00

Depends how long you need it for – we do have a “cloan and loan” program, for people who want to borrow a machine while waiting for theirs to be fixed.

How did I get a virus?2022-07-12T16:10:37+00:00

Honestly, no clue – there are more than 150,000 forms of malware out there and while we can sometimes identify a program or website causing issues, it’s often past that point once it’s here, our goal remains to get your machine back up and running.

Should I just Buy a new computer?2022-07-12T16:09:07+00:00

No! I mean, if you don’t like this one, sure, but chances are it’ll be cheaper to repair than replace.

What do you need me to bring with the computer?2022-07-12T16:08:26+00:00

Just the power cord/charger! Maybe. We have all common power cables here, but if your machine takes one that we don’t have, we’ll need it.

Can you fix this for me today? Now? I need it for school/work/I can’t live without it!2022-07-12T15:57:24+00:00

We do offer expedited repairs, but typically cannot guarantee same day service, and we do not offer while-you-wait repairs.

Can you come to my house to fix my computer?2022-07-12T15:50:44+00:00

No. We discontinued home visits in 2021

Is my machine worth fixing?2022-07-12T15:48:23+00:00

Probably – Our labor charge for most repairs comes out to $150 total, unless you need a very expensive part, like a motherboard or large touchscreen replaced, repair cost should be under $300, which is less than replacing most computers.

I built a custom PC, but it won’t turn on, can you check it out?2022-07-12T15:47:06+00:00

Absolutely! Bring it by, we’ll get it up and running for you.

Can you get me a cheap/affordable/reasonably priced graphics card?2022-07-12T15:45:19+00:00

No, we’re looking at the same outrageous prices you are.

Are you open Christmas/Labor Day/Chanukah/snow days?2022-07-12T15:44:48+00:00

We’ve found that many national holidays are Mondays, which we are already closed. We are also typically closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, and any other large holiday that lands on a weekday.

Are you open weekends?2022-07-12T15:44:12+00:00

Yes, we’re here 12-4 Saturdays. Monday and Sunday is our weekend.

Do I have to leave my machine there?2022-07-12T15:43:05+00:00

Yes, we do not offer while-you-wait repairs.

Where are you? Parking? Any Landmarks?2022-07-12T15:42:27+00:00

As of June 2022, we are located at 458 park Ave in Worcester directly across the street from Peppercorns, ATT, and Honey Farms. There is 30 minute parking immediately in front of the shop, and a parking lot behind us.

Do you sell parts?2022-07-12T15:45:48+00:00

No, sorry.

Can you just get my files off of it?2022-07-12T15:59:24+00:00

Yes, if you drive isn’t damaged or encrypted we can get your files onto a backup drive or replacement machine.

What if I provide the part?2022-07-12T15:45:59+00:00

Sure! Bring your computer in with what you want us to install, just pay labor.

What if you can’t find the part2022-07-12T15:46:08+00:00

Uncommon, these days, we work with multiple vendors and suppliers. Worst realistic scenario is typically that the part isn’t available locally, and takes up to three weeks to arrive.

Are you apple certified?2022-07-12T15:38:20+00:00

No, becoming Apple certified would restrict us to only working on newer models, and contract us to pay higher prices for replacement parts.

What do you charge to look at my computer? Check in fee?2022-07-12T15:35:46+00:00

We do charge to look at a computer. It’s $50 at check-in, and this goes towards your total cost of repair. If you decide not to proceed, this covers our time and labor already spent.

How long does a repair take?2022-07-12T15:34:23+00:00

Diagnostics are typically looked at by a technician within 2-3 business days, at which point we get back to you with a total quote and timeframe. Most parts take 3-5 days to arrive, so hardware replacements are often 5-8 business day turnaround, software repairs are typically 2-3 day turnaround. After check-in, we look at and repair computers in the order they were dropped off. Expedited repairs are available on a case-by-case basis.

Can I just walk or do I need an appointment2022-07-12T15:31:33+00:00

You can just walk in! You can also make an appointment at schedule.hamiltonrepairs.com

Do you buy laptops?2022-07-12T15:49:19+00:00

We do buy used laptops, if they are less than 8 years old, and in mostly working condition. We pay more for gaming machines and Apples, but you will certainly get more selling it yourself on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. We also take used and broken laptops and computers in any condition, but if they are nonfunctional please do not expect much or sometimes any cash. If selling something to us, please bring a state issued photo ID. If you’re looking to see how much you can get ahead of time, text us with a few photos, the full model number, a list of any known issues, and how much you’re looking to sell it for!

Will you come to my office to fix our computers?2022-07-12T15:51:02+00:00

No. We discontinued small business services in 2019

Do you fix game systems?2022-07-12T15:51:39+00:00

No. Many of the common issues are manufacturer defects that cannot be reliably fixed, and we don’t want to offer short term repairs.

Do you fix phones?2022-07-12T15:52:30+00:00

No, check out our friends at New England Wireless on West Boylston Street in Worcester MA.

Are you going to look through my photos?2022-07-12T15:56:32+00:00

No. Unless you request us to specifically get a file from a specific folder, we don’t look through anything – our backup options are typically automated, or drag and dropping folders.

Can you fix this for me today? I need it for school/work/I can’t live without it!2021-04-28T16:31:43+00:00

We do offer expedited repairs.


Do you do data recovery?2022-07-12T15:59:05+00:00

Yes! We do outsource to another new England based company, this repair is not done in house. We want everyone to know ahead of time – data recovery is never quick, cheap, or

How much will it cost to fix my computer?2022-07-12T15:32:51+00:00

As of June 2022, we have switched to comprehensive flat rate repairs – All standard repairs are $150 labor. $50 at check-in, $100 + parts needed at pickup. This covers labor on any combination of tune-up, Operating System reinstall, and parts replacements, and any of our standard repair services needed to get your computer up and running. Specialized repair, data backup/recovery, or board level repair would be more.

What if the quote costs more than the computer?2020-10-01T13:43:07+00:00

Generally, if the cost of labor and parts would exceed the replacement value of the machine, we recommend against the repair and waive the diagnostic fee.

Do you fix macs too?2022-07-12T15:36:52+00:00

Yes, we offer Macbook and imac repairs but we don’t do component level repair.

I spilled water on my laptop, can you fix it?2022-07-12T16:06:53+00:00

Probably – it depends what components are damaged. Sometimes it’s just the keyboard, if your motherboard was sitting in liquid, maybe not.

Can you come to my house to fix my computer?2020-10-01T13:48:42+00:00

Yes! We offer home visits, call or email to schedule a time!

Do you fix printers?2022-07-12T16:07:23+00:00

No, it’s often more cost efficient to purchase a new one than pay our labor to repair it.

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