Over a decade of experience …


Over a decade of experience …


Flat rate Repair Model

Everyone wants to know what it’ll cost before we know what’s wrong with it, often before we even know what model their machine is. With our price system, we can tell you how much our labor will be and then hold to that in almost every situation outside liquid damage and data recovery. But if your machine does end up requiring liquid remediation or data recovery, we work with industry specialists and can get the job done for you.


We’re not just fixing your computers; we’re trying to fix the system that result in your computers being made so poorly.

We have been around for over a decade!

I had considered closing this business at ten years – it had been a good run, and the industry was on its way out, but my landlord tried to nonrenew our lease and then I was spite driven.

So, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve survived Worcester’s gentrification, a rat problem and related landlord battle, a pandemic, ATF investigation, a few bomb threats, and way too many Karens to count. We’re changing the repair industry, challenging manufacturers and franchising into other towns.

We’re not trying to grow beyond the services we do now – most repair shops turn into MSPs, we don’t offer business services and even though we charge and make more have cut back on home visits to offer better in-shop services Well, we’re neurodivergent so we do things in our own way Well, we have survived a decade for a reason, our reviews.


Are you looking for a great custom computer build that you can personalize?