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A question we get often with recycled machines is “Can you erase my files for me?” And the answer is simple, Yes we can clear the drive, but files aren’t truly deleted until they’re rewritten. So erasing itself is not as simple, and we need to know what level of erasure you want.

We can handle completely erasing your hard drive, whether it’s tax documents, your diary, World of Warcraft save files, or state secrets: we will get rid of it.

We do this securely by erasing it multiple times using a process called “zeroing it out” which writes all the sectors with zeros, and then it redoes it in 1s, and then a five alternating passes. This way, if data recovery is ever attempted, it reads all of those in addition to whatever was previously on the drive.

Want it more securely handled? We can just remove the drive and give it back to you, and you can – by whatever means you would like – put it in three different garbage pails.

secure drive clearing services

Format & Rewrite

  • Marke entire drive as available to be rewritten
  • Create new partitions on drive with new files
  • Makes files unavailable to Windows/Mac File systems
  • Files can sometimes be recovered using basic tools

Zero Out

  • Writes each sector of the drive with a zero
  • Significantly reduces likelihood of successful recovery using most basic recovery software and tools

DOD Standard – 7 Pass

  • Department of defense standard erasure procedure
  • 000000000
  • 1111111111111
  • 01010101010
  • 10101010101
  • 01100010110
  • 110101101011
  • 0000000000


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