At the end of the day, there’s a specific few people we need to convince to take action to get Right to Repair passed in Massachusetts.

The best way to make a difference is to get more of the people at the table to be aware this is an issue! Call or email your representative, you can find who that is here.

We know these discussions can be hard but they’re important! If it makes it easier, know that you’ll most likely end up talking with an assistant who will note your concern – probably won’t reach anyone in the legislature, but they look at those notes and every voice saying that this matters, adds up.

Your repair story is likely a great example of why we need this legislation in the first place, so don’t be afraid to talk about how the issue has impacted you!

If you tried to go through a manufacturer or had a back experience with a warranty or protection plan – that’s worth mentioning! The manufacturers will argue that they offer repair services and if you don’t tell the politicians how difficult and inconvenient using them is, they may not know.


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