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Should I Update From Vista to Windows 10?

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Vista on April 11th, so the short answer is, yes, you should upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 or to the latest Windows 10. The ultimate question is …is it worth it?

When it was launched back in January of 2007, Vista was simply plagued with negative reviews. Used often complained about files transfers being slow, video games sluggish and screen prompts where more than just annoying.  There are still 25.5 million computers running Windows Vista today, a relatively small number in comparison to the estimated PC running however.

So what does no support mean?

It means that Microsoft will no longer update its in-built anti-virus solution, dubbed Security Essentials and Windows Vista will not be protected against any new threats, glitches or bugs that are discovered after April 11th of 2017.

You can still continue to run Windows Vista, but take into consideration that if you have sensitive or personal files on your computer, they are going to be at risk, especially if you work online as threats like malware and virus come from the internet.

What are my options?

The main thing that you have to consider is hardware. Vista was installed from 2006 to 2009 so that means that most of these pcs will be upwards of ten years old. This means that the hard drives are more likely to fail soon. We recommend upgrading your PC memory to at least 4GB and replace your hard drive with SSDs which will help to increase the lifespan of your hard drive. Then do a clean installation of Windows 10. Did you know that you can get a free copy of Windows 10 if you join Microsoft’s “Insider Test Program” Check it out here. Microsoft wants people to upgrade to Windows 10 so, once you’ve installed Windows 10, all future upgrades are free.

Bottom Line

We recommend weighing the cost of these upgrades v’s the cost of simply getting a newer machine. You can get a refurbished machine at a low cost with new specs with a new OS. It’s very important to do your homework when considering your options.

I am not tech savvy though, I don’t know where to start!

That’s ok, that’s what we are here for, we can help you weigh your options and get the most bang for your buck. We will do the work for you. Give us a call today and get your computer upgraded with the latest operating system and hardware in no time at all!

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