Are Desktop Repairs Worth It?

Are Desktop Repairs Worth It?

Are Desktop Repairs Worth It? If you are contemplating whether you should spend your hard-earned money on desktop repairs or purchasing a new computer, the first place you should start is by getting a free quote for the repair. Just about any computer repair shop, at least the reputable ones, will provide you with a free quote. They will also diagnose the issue for you. The bottom line is you simply can’t make a rational financial decision regarding desktop repairs vs. desktop replacement unless you take advantage of a free quote.

This holds especially true if you live, work or go to school in the Worcester, MA area. However, it’s important to choose a computer repair shop that has a good reputation. You can simply Google it and see how many stars they have. Once you have a good grip on much it will cost for desktop repair you will need to figure out a few more things. The following questions will help in that regard.  First and foremost, how old is your desktop computer? Did you buy it new less than three or four years ago, or is it older?

Is the computer running on a current operating system or is the operating system outdated? Is there new technology that you would like to have that your current computer doesn’t have? If you’re thinking about desktop repair, then you probably have at least one problem with the machine. In addition to that issue, is there anything else wrong with the computer? If so, did you check with a local computer repair shop to see if that issue could be an easy fix? Would it work for you if your computer could run basically as good as new with a software reset and data backup?

You need to keep in mind that a desktop repair, even if there are multiple issues that need to be fixed, is typically the more cost-effective approach. In essence, it’s usually going to be cheaper to fix your existing machine as opposed to purchasing a brand new one. That being stated, a good rule of thumb is based on the following.  If the desktop repair is going to cost over 50% of the purchase price of buying a brand-new machine than it makes more sense to purchase the new one.

For example, if you can purchase a new desktop for $1,000 and the price to fix your three (3) year old desktop is going to cost over $500 than you are probably better off buying the new computer. However, you may very well be on a tight budget, especially if you’re a college student. If that’s the case than you should give consideration to desktop repairs.

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