Tell Tale Signs That You Need A DC/Power Jack Repair

Tell Tale Signs That You Need A DC/Power Jack Repair

Tell Tale Signs That You Need A DC/Power Jack Repair Did you know that your laptop might actually need a DC/Power Jack repair, and if so that’s good news because it’s a fairly inexpensive fix from a professional computer repair company? The DC/Power Jack is one of the most important components of your laptop computer. In essence, it provides your battery with the ability to charge and also gives your laptop a steady flow of electricity when you are plugged in. The bottom line is that if your DC/Power Jack fails your laptop computer will lose power. Ultimately, you will not be able to turn on the machine.

The following information will provide you with a few tell tale signs as to why you may need a DC/Power Jack repair.  First and foremost, if the power flickers on and off on a constant and consistent basis it’s a very good indicator that you need a DC/Power Jack repair. When the component is working properly it will give your laptop computer a constant and consistent supply of electricity. If that is not occurring, chances are high that the DC/Power Jack is failing. At this point the vast majority of people will wiggle the power cord while it’s in the socket because they believe that this will actually make their laptop work.

This is not advised. It may actually cause more damage to your laptop computer. If the power flickers on your laptop you should immediately seek the advice of a professional computer repair company. Another tell tale sign that your laptop needs a DC/Power Jack repair is when your battery is not charging. This may be occurring even if the power is not flickering on and off. When the jack is working correctly a steady flow of electricity will not only charge your laptops’ battery, it will also impart it with an added boost. Many consumers make the mistake of thinking that the battery needs to be replaced and they will go out and purchase a new battery.

The problem with this is that a DC/Power Jack repair is significantly less expensive than a battery replacement. The last but certainly not least tell tale sign that you need a DC/Power Jack repair is when your power cord only works at a precise angle. This is due to the fact that when the DC/Power Jacks becomes loose, it can actually change its position on your laptop computer. The end result is that you will need to angle the power cord in order to charge or run your laptop.

Putting your laptop at an angle can make it vulnerable to falling over. If your laptop falls off of your desk or table it can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the machine. In addition, keeping your laptop at an angle while charging also puts a tremendous amount of stress on the charging cord, which can cause a host of other issues.

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