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A Quick Fix for Your Broken Laptop

A Surprising Way to Get Your Computer Up and Running

Do you believe your laptop is broken, but you worry about having enough money to buy a new one? Sometimes a laptop that seems completely destroyed actually only requires the replacement of an individual component to get it up and running again.

For example, if your computer seems to boot up with the fan running, but no graphic elements will display, it could be an issue with your CPU. Memory problems are less common, which is why memory components usually have warranties, sometimes lifetime warranties.

Problems with RAM on Your Computer

Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the way in which your computer stores temporary data, and is not saved like other data files. Sometimes people will think their RAM is faulty, when it is, in fact, another component. If you have computer performance problems when you’re in a graphics program, there may be a problem with your graphics driver.

Other Computer Issues Solved by One Component

If you are having laptop performance problems, they could be caused by a variety of other things. For instance, too much heat in your machine, a failing power supply, even dust or pet hair can turn into performance problems.  Often many things can be ruled out, and then sometimes it’s a virus or some kind of malware issue.

How Do You Know if the Motherboard is Broken?

The most costly issue to resolve is caused by a broken-down motherboard. Though it sounds like something out of Star Trek, the motherboard is responsible for many functions within your computer. How can you tell if your motherboard is faulty? Some symptoms may include: a monitor that shows lines across the screen, a very slow boot-up (a symptom of other component problems, too), or a burning smell.

Because there are so many symptoms that mimic other component problems, it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis from a computer repair expert. Be sure to speak with an expert before you throw your laptop in the trash. If your laptop is fixable, you won’t have to buy a new one, and chances are, the right repair expert can get your old laptop running like new!

At Hamilton Computer Repairs, we’re dedicated to quality computer repair service. With offices in Worcester and West Boylston, we’re a locally owned business with fast repair times and reliable service. Contact us for a consultation or a quote today!

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